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Claims Placement Form

In order to maximize the potential of a timely recovery in full, please provide us as much detailed information and documentation as possible about the assigned accounts. It is in this regard that we will be able to better serve our clients by getting true results.

Please submit your claims in any of the three following ways:

* Collection agencies and forwarders alike are encouraged to submit their claims by email or fax with their own completed placement forms. Such placements will be subjected to the "Operative Guides for Forwarders and Receivers" adopted by the Commercial Law League of America on July 6, 1994.

1. Fax or E-mail:


You can place a claim for collection by downloading and completing our forwarding letter which specifies the particular claim turned over for collection with your proposed terms and conditions (commission fees proposed according to our table). You can send this form along with copies of all your supporting documents for the underlying claim by fax, email, or currier service.



In Mexico: +52 (664) 681-9405

In the USA: +1 (619) 819-8518


2. Internet:

The claim placement form that follows outlines basic account information needed for collection. To place a claim, please read our Terms and Conditions first. After agreeing with our terms and conditions for collection please complete the following form and submit it when finished.



Creditor/Client Information

Your Name:
Company Name:

Debtor Information

Postal Code:
Debtor is:


Sole Proprietorship



Claim Information

Total Owed

Interest Charged    
Currency account is billed in?    
Date of oldest invoice    
Date of last payment    
Terms of sale:


Open account
Documents against acceptance (D/A)
Documents against payment (D/P)
Letter of credit (L/C)



1.-Did buyer receive goods?

Yes No

2.-Did buyer accept bill of exchange?

Yes No

3.-Did buyer receive bill of lading (title documents)?

Yes No

4.-If buyer received goods without accepting bill of exchange, was a demand made on the negotiating bank or the shipping agent for the value of the goods?

Yes No

5.-Do you have a personal guarantee?

Yes No

No sufficient funds checks (NSF)

Broken Promises Avoiding

Disputed (Details attached)

Unable to contact Business Sold


Comments or Special Instructions


 Fill me in, not! Message into the ether will go  


Supporting documents may be e-mailed in PDF format, faxed, or sent by currier or ordinary mail to any of our addresses:

P.O. Box 8162
Chula Vista, CA 91912

Ave. Los Angeles 453, Las Palmas
Tijuana, Baja California 22106

We, the Creditor named above, hereby authorize HMH Legal (HMH) to act as its agent with respect to collection of the above claim. Creditor authorizes HMH to receive and endorse all checks issued in Creditor's name for deposit into HMH's Trust Account. Funds will be remitted to Creditor after deduction of HMH's fees. Creditor will be liable to HMH for its fees on any funds that Creditor receives directly from the above debtor. The account listed below is assigned to HMH for collection subject to HMH’s standard Terms and Conditions listed in this website.

HMH Legal S.C.
Ave. Los Angeles 453,
Las Palmas
Tijuana B.C., México 22106
Tel.: +52 (664) 685-1387
Fax: +52 (664) 685-9196


Mexican Lawyers specializing on credit and debt collection services in Mexico.