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HMH Legal team comprehends in-house attorneys, administrative staff, pre-legal collectors, local of-counsel attorneys & financial counselors, and local correspondent attorneys in major cities of Mexico.



President and General Director for Litigation

Mr. Romelio Hernández was born in Tijuana, Baja California. He got his Law Degree (Licenciatura en Derecho) from Universidad Autónoma de Baja California (Mexico) in 1997, and holds a Masters Degree in Comparative Law (LL.M.) from the University of San Diego School of Law (2011), with concentration on International Law.

He is based in Tijuana, where he works extensively with foreign exporting companies, financial institutions, and collections agencies and law firms, assisting them with their out-of-court and legal collection efforts throghout Mexico. His litigation experience of fifteen years and daily exposure to international commercial law has allowed him to provide guidance and general counsel to foreign companies in mitigating the various risks of selling to international markets. Romelio is a frequent speaker with ICTF, FCIB, NACM, and other recognized organizations in the areas of international credit management and debt collection.

Romelio is fluent in English and Spanish. He specializes on international law, commercial litigation, secured transactions, credit management, and commercial debt collection.

Director of Commercial Litigation Department

Mr. Erik Pichardo was born in Tijuana, Baja California. He graduated and got his Licenciatura Law degree from Universidad Autónoma de Baja California (UABC) in 1997. As part of his ongoing legal education he has pursued several diplomas: in Commercial Law from Consultora Facthum (1998); in Civil & Commercial Procedure Law from UABC (1999); and in Legal Issues in International Commerce from UCSD La Jolla (2000).

He started in 1996 with the firm of Corrales, Delgado y Asociados, where he oversaw litigation matters in civil and commercial law. His wide experience and success in civil and commercial litigation since 1997 has won him a lead counsel position for debt collection matters with many national companies such as Xerox Mexicana, Fianzas Comercial América, Microformas, Concretos Cachanilla, Lapsaco, and Sinbros. He is now a partner and head of the commercial litigation department with HMH Legal.

Mr. Pichardo is also fully bilingual in English and Spanish.


Director of Debt Collection Department

Mr. Luis Alberto Becerra Reyes was born in Mexico City. He followed his professional studies in the City of Tijuana, Baja California at Universidad de Tijuana (CUT) where he graduated from in 1999. As part of his on-going legal education and professional development he has taken different courses and seminars in commercial law, foreign trade, civil litigation and constitutional injunction proceedings. His professional thesis “Insolvency Proceedings New Law” explains the true misconceptions that our innovated legislation presents on bankruptcy matters.

He began his professional practice since 1989 in the City of Tijuana, Baja California, as an assistant and legal advisor to The Acevedo Industrial Group, one of the leading national lumber companies in the country at the time. His experience and development on the fields of foreign trade, commercial law and civil litigation has enabled him to represent many local companies with litigation problems in the areas of collections and contract enforcement.

Director of Administrative Litigation

Mr. Raúl Mérigo was born in Tijuana, Baja California. He graduated from Universidad Autónoma de Baja California in 1997 with a Licenciatura degree (J.D.) in Law. As a co-founder of “Avila, Mérigo y Lopez, S.C.”, Mr. Mérigo has been practicing since 1994, specializing in administrative law counseling and litigation.

He has counseled many major companies in Baja California in areas such as government procurement contracts; customs legal procedures; official audits by the Mexican Revenue Authorities; non-tributary administrative inspections; audits to accountant’s tax opinions submitted to the Mexican Revenue Authorities on both national and international trade taxes.

Mr. Mérigo is also a professor at the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California’s School of Law, teaching on Administrative Procedure Law. He is fully bilingual in English and Spanish.



Counsel for Complex Commercial Litigation

Mr. Elio Sánchez is a well known fierce litigation attorney in the City of Tijuana, Baja California, with more than fourteen years of experience in complex commercial litigation matters. He started back in 1990 with the Firm of Brian, Gonzalez-Vargas & Gonzalez-Baez, and then joined Pasero & Martín-Sánchez in 1993. He has been a solo-practitioner since 1996, and has been a permanent of-counsel to HMH Legal for complex commercial litigation matters since 2000.

Counsel for International Commercial Transactions & Litigation

Mr. Alejandro Osuna obtained his law degree from the Law School of the Universidad Iberoamericana Noroeste, in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico (1995). He obtained an LLM from the University of Pittsburgh's School of Law (1998). He is currently a solo practitioner in Tijuana, Baja California, and teaches Public International Law and International Sales Law at the Universidad Iberoamericana Noroeste. He as helped also as a voluntary arbitrator to the Willem Vis Moot Court Competition held in Vienna, Austria every year. He has been of-counsel to HMH Legal since 1999.

His areas of practice include complex litigation on international sales disputes, contracts & corporate law, franchise law, and international judicial assistance. He has authored several articles published in the Journal of Law and Commerce from the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Law, The San Diego Journal of Law, Revista Jurídica from Universidad de Puerto Rico, and the local newspaper Frontera. He is currently awaiting publication in Mexico of his case-book in Spanish on the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale Of Goods.



·         Lic. Miriam Alarcón

·         Lic. Antonio Martínez

·         Lic. Argelia Flores

·         Lic. José Castellanos

·         Lic. Luis Díaz

·         Lic. Claudio Garza

·         Lic. Héctor González

·         Lic. Iliana Moya

·         Lic. Juan Robles

·         Lic. Francisco Lara

·         Lic. Rodrigo Mercado

·         Lic. Miriam Avena

·         Lic. José Moreno

·         Lic. Héctor Silis

·         Lic. Julio Jiménez

·         Lic. Carlos Ríos


·         Lic. Oscar Reyes

·         Lic. Rogelio Pérez

·         Lic. Berenice Polanco

·         Lic. Rogelio Hidalgo

·         Lic. Guadalupe García

·         Lic. José Tamayo

·         Lic. Miriam Téllez

·         Lic. Francisco Yáñez

·         Lic. Angel Castro

·         Lic. Rafael Marquez

·         Lic. Maria Chiapa

·         Lic. Alejandro Osorio

·         Lic. Saúl Jiménez

·         Lic. Milton Barton

·         Lic. Víctor Campoy

·         Lic. Fernando Benítez

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