A Reliable Solution for Debt Collection and Selling on Credit in Mexico.

HMH Legal’s debt collection and legal services help international companies to do business in Mexico with confidence.

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Eliminate risk of credit
sales in Mexico.

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No Win, No Fee
Mexico debt collection.

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Your credit and collections department for sales in Mexico.
Trusted by exporters and collection departments around the globe
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Selling on credit in Mexico shouldn’t be an insurmountable risk for your business.

HMH Legal serves as an extension to your credit and collections department for credit sales in Mexico.

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Debt collection
in Mexico

Collect your outstanding debt in Mexico quickly, without incurring court and legal fees.

Debt collection
through legal means

When needed, our law firm escalates your collection efforts through the Mexican courts.

Settlement in Monterrey
HMH Legal Debt Collection Law Firm

Do business in
Mexico with

HMH Legal helps credit managers prevent issues from occurring with contracts to secure transactions and due diligence services.

"HMH Legal helped us secure our sales transactions in Mexico."

"Before working with them, I had some anxiety about doing business in Mexico, as I felt I didn’t fully understand the potential risks involved. They did a great job revamping our documentation, but what really impressed me was the time and effort they spent helping our local credit department “sell” these new documents internally to the sales team, many of whom were initially apprehensive the stricter docs might hinder sales. HMH allayed those fears, and now, knowing that we now have a strong set of documents for credit sales, it has taken away a lot of the concern about credit risk. We now have confidence in granting or increasing credit knowing that we have the necessary tools to fully protect the company’s interests."
Brian Seekamp, Global Director of Credit
Osterman & Company, Inc.
"Despite a difficult claim to collect, HMH Legal got our money."

“HMH Legal always made us feel confident that we would get our money back, despite the inefficiencies and complexities of Mexican courts, in addition to an elusive debtor with his team of lawyers trying desperately to avoid paying their debt. HMH Legal delivered at the end, with a full recovery exceeding $800,000 USD.”
Brian McPherson, Credit Manager
Chevron Phillips Chemical Co.
"Full Recovery of $1'841,842 USD through litigation."

“Dear Romelio. Finally, we have received the last payment from x-Debtor. It has been a really good effort from you in helping us retrieve this amount from them. We do appreciate it so much. Your work has been extremely good, you have been patient, watchful and careful, gentle but firm and your strategy was excellent, giving out whenever needed and holding on when the situation warranted. You could bring the pressure and sustain it over the years on x-Debtor and did a crucial job during the final stages to take it to a good conclusion, which helped both parties. You have been true to your word and faithful and sincere to your job, for which we can vouch for anyone. Thank you so much Romelio for your excellent work. The Board congratulates and sends its appreciation.”
Synthite Industries Ltd.
Mani Varghese, Owner
Synthite Industries Ltd.

We make it easy for US and international companies to do business in Mexico

Feel confident about doing business and extending credit in Mexico.

Real People.

Real people knock on real doors to have productive conversations about how to collect your debt.

Faster. Efficient.

Our amicable approach to debt collections is far faster and more efficient than more aggressive methods and preserves business relationships for the future.

Culture + Law.

We understand the culture in our country and approach your debtors in a respectful but strong and effective manner.

100% Focus.

Our entire focus and expertise is debt collection and litigation in Mexico, always protecting creditors.


When amicable collections aren’t an option, our lawyers assist immediately with litigation.

Your Partner.

We do more than help you collect debt. We help you mitigate risk by securing credit sales and screening potential customers.

No Collection — No Fee

Here’s how we partner with you to support successful credit transactions in Mexico

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Do business or collect in
Mexico with confidence

Feel confident about selling on credit and getting paid in Mexico.

"We prefer HMH Legal over other firms because we trust their knowledge and their long-time experience in dealing with companies in Mexico."
Laura Rojas, Regional Credit Manage​r
AJC International, Inc.​
"I have total confidence in HMH Legal, their expertise, and their proven track record of coming through for our firm."
Gary Bemis
Robert Tyler, Director​
Law Offices of Gary A. Bemis, APC​
"What surprised me the most about working with HMH Legal is that there is truly a lot of follow up. I don’t have to be after them to get updates."
Yazmin Yepez, Credit Supervisor
Mitsubishi Electric Automation

Don’t risk damaging your cash flow and profitability

When you need to collect an outstanding debt in Mexico or you need a reliable solution for securing credit transactions in Mexico, don’t risk losing business opportunities by hiring a less effective firm without on-the-ground resources in Mexico.

The wrong representative can put your business at risk. You deserve to protect your cash flow and profitability.

“After working with HMH Legal for 10 years, doing business in Mexico is like a piece of cake. The knowledge in their area of expertise and the advice provided positioned us on a higher level from those at the level of Mitsubishi.”

Yazmin Yepez CICP, Credit Supervisor, Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.

HMH Legal is a law firm that focuses exclusively on the protection of creditors

At HMH Legal, we know you want to feel confident about selling on credit in Mexico. This requires a reliable solution for protecting you as a creditor.

Most international businesses have two challenges with selling on credit to Mexican companies:

  1. Proceeding with business in Mexico without a proven plan or a plan at all, risking everything at the hands of a dishonest or incapable customer.

  2. When there’s outstanding debt to be collected, many partner with unproven firms who have no legal expertise, risking good claims and incurring losses.

That’s why, HMH Legal is a law firm that focuses exclusively on the protection of creditors.

In the last 20+ years, we’ve helped over 1,000 international companies confidently sell on credit in Mexico and collect any outstanding debts amicably and legally.

If you want to sell on credit or have an outstanding debt to collect in Mexico, you shouldn’t feel powerless. We can assist and give you ease of mind by securing your transactions and collecting your debt.

Romelio Hernández, Lawyer, President of HMH Legal

Trusted by Leading Industry Organizations
General Bar
American Lawyers Quartely


HMH Legal Services in Mexico

We assist creditor companies from most industries located in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, etc. Transactions that our firm helps secure or collect range from USD 1,000 to 10 million. Our firm caters specifically to the following markets:

  1. Exporters. Foreign exporting companies currently selling or looking to sell their products and services into Mexico and Latin America.
  2. Credit insurers. For the past 20 years, HMH Legal has represented several credit insurance companies with debt collection and litigation in the region.
  3. Collection agencies. Our membership with the CLLA, IACC and FENCA, as well as listings with The General Bar, American Lawyers Quarterly, The Forwarders List, confirms HMH Legal as a trusted partner within the collection industry.
  4. Commercial and private lenders.We represent several commercial banks and private lenders during their due diligence process to secure loans and investment projects, as well as with debt collection and litigation.
  5. Law firms. We assist law firms in different countries with international judicial assistance in Mexico in support of legal proceedings in those countries, and with judgment enforcement.

HMH Legal provides debt collection and litigation services throughout Mexico and most countries in Latin America. In Mexico, we cover all major cities such as Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Tijuana, Veracruz, Cancun, etc. In Latin America, we cover the major countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Peru, etc.

Our services to secure transactions and mitigate risk, including due diligence investigations, are provided throughout Mexico and the other main markets of Latin American as well.

HMH Legal is a law firm that specializes on debt collection, litigation, and secured transactions in Mexico. Our lawyers focus exclusively on protecting creditors. We serve as the credit & collections department for small and medium sized companies who sell or extend loans to companies in Mexico. We secure transactions to mitigate risk, and we pursue amicable and legal debt collection if our clients are not paid.

  • Focus on Creditors. We focus exclusively on protecting creditors and cater specifically to their needs.
  • Cross-Border Specialty. Our lawyers specialize in—and deal only with—cross-border commercial claims and contracts, which allows proven solutions for litigation and secured transactions.
  • Law Firm Structure. Our lawyers provide the required leverage in tough negotiations, during debt collection. A “telemarketer” will not handle or negotiate your collection claim. It will be lawyers who excel at persuasion and negotiation but are ready to escalate your claim through court immediately if needed.
  • Debt Collection Lawyers. Our litigation lawyers love and excel at debt collection. We are not corporate lawyers hiding behind a desk. We will handle your collection claim enthusiastically and knock on your debtors’ doors right away.
  • No Win, No Fee. We work on contingency fees (no win, no fee), so we will share the risk and cost of pursuing your collection claims. We truly partner with you, even in litigation.
  • Cultural IQ. We don’t just speak your language, we understand your culture, business mindset, and the different legal and court systems between your home country and Mexico. We are truly international.
  • Network. For the past 20 years we have built a wide and solid network of reliable collection lawyers. This allows us to act immediately, whether contacting debtors to negotiate, or starting litigation urgently needed.
  • Process. Our years of experience have allowed us to master a process plan for each service, making sure that each project is quality-driven and on track every step of the way so that the goal is reached consistently.
  • Ethical Conduct. We are knowledgeable and mindful of the ethical and legal regulations on debt collection and provide our services under a strict compliance policy and guidelines, to prevent liability to our clients. We don’t just serve our clients; we protect them.

We provide different fee schedules and options for our clients. Debt collection is provided under contingency fees, that is, under a strict “no win, no fee” policy.

The specific percentage for such collection fee depends on the dollar amount of the claim, as well as the age of the debt.

For litigation, we offer different options, ranging from pure or partial contingency fees (not usual in Mexico) to flat or hourly fees, as is sometimes requested by some clients.

On transactional work or projects to secure transactions, we offer flat fees or hourly fees as well.

All services are quoted initially to our clients’ satisfaction.

It is simple. If you need help with debt collection you can simply submit your claim through our online form. For all other matters (or to discuss debt collection as well) you can speak with one of our lawyers about your case, through a free consultation. After our consultation, we will provide a quote, along with a services agreement to move forward.

Here’s how it works:

  1. When a client SUBMITS a claim for collection, our lawyers immediately review their claim to MITIGATE risk, and ASSESS the situation of the debtor, to identify strengths and weaknesses and know what leverage we have in the negotiation.
  2. Then our lawyers REACH out to debtors and knock on their doors for amicable but strong collection efforts.
  3. During collection, we TARGET claims that merit legal action and advice clients accordingly. This “SMART” collection process allows us to bring results to our clients consistently.

For more information on our approach and process for debt collection, including detailed information and advice on debt collection in Mexico, we invite you to visit our section on debt collection services.