Companies We Serve

Companies we serve and transactions we handle

HMH Legal is a unique law firm that serves as the credit & collections department for small and medium companies pursuing credit sales or extending loans in Mexico and Latin America. Our client list and representative cases include creditor companies from most industries located in Europe, Asia, North America, etc. Transactions that our firm helps secure or collect range from USD 1,000 to 10 million.  Our firm caters specifically to the following markets:


  1. Exporters. Our client list is comprised of foreign exporting companies currently selling or looking to sell their products and services into Mexico and Latin America. Here is where all of our services are usually provided in a fully integrated way for total creditor protection. 
  2. Credit insurers. For the past 15 years HMH Legal has represented several credit insurance companies with debt collection and litigation in the region. These relationships have allowed us to get the know the industry as well as our particular clients' needs, for a knowledgeable and tailored service offering. 
  3. Collection agencies. Our membership with the CLLA, IACC, and FENCA, as well as listings with The General Bar, American Lawyers Quarterly, The Forwarders List, The Commercial Bar, and Wright Holmes, gives recognition to HMH Legal as a trusted partner within the collection industry. 
  4. Commercial lenders. We have represented several commercial banks and private lenders during their due diligence process to secure loans and investment projects, as well as with debt collection and litigation.
  5. Law firms. HMH Legal has assisted a number of law firms in different countries with international judicial assistance in Mexico for the support of legal proceedings in those countries, while also providing assistance with expert testimony on Mexican law. Our firm has also partnered with many of these firms for initiating litigation in Mexico in representation of their clients.