What We Do

What we do and how we help companies

HMH Legal is a law firm that specializes on credit-management and debt-collection matters. We are the only law firm that specializes in the area of creditor-protection law in Mexico and Latin America, with a focus on international accounts. Our main goal is to help foreign companies avoid uncollectible claims stemming from their loans or credit sales in Mexico and Latin America. This is achieved through our professional services in credit management and secured transactions to mitigate commercial risk, as well as our debt collection and litigation services to recover money for our clients. Once our services are retained, HMH Legal will help you achieve the following:

  1. To reduce the risk of credit sales or loans turning uncollectible, by designing and implementing an easy and reliable system with appropriate simple forms and contracts. 
  2. To have the most reliable collection agency that will guarantee the best chance of collecting your money at the most reasonable cost. 
  3. To have a professional and reliable team of lawyers that will only recommend and initiate sound legal actions that carry real possibilities of successful outcomes.