Credit Management

HMH Legal is able to assist credit managers during the due diligence process of investigation and assessment of buyers and borrowers, as well as with the implementation of policies specific to the credit management function.

While our professionals who specialize in secured transactions will help with policies and procedures that relate to the terms of sale or loan, as well as those that govern the use of collateral and other security devices, our experts in credit management can assist creditors with all other required functions to assess credit risk properly and minimize exposure. Among many of the services provided related to this due diligence work, we can point out the following:

  • Company verification
  • Online databases and lawsuits investigations
  • Corporate and business information at local public registries
  • Assets and liens searches at local public registries
  • Business and financial report from prospect’s interview
  • Appraisals of real estate and movable assets by certified appraisers
  • Skip tracing of individuals
  • Private investigations

For more information on these and other related services please visit our main section on credit management.