Service Capability

The HMH Legal team comprises exceptional lawyers with expertise in the field of international commercial law, and vast experience in cross-border commercial disputes. Ninety percent of our client base involves foreign companies with collection problems in Mexico, so the majority of our cases involve international commercial disputes. (Please refer to the services section on our website for more information on specialized services provided by our Firm.)

This has placed the need in our Firm to seek and reunite experts in such field, something we have successfully done so far to our clients' advantage. Thus, we are allowed to pursue legal action throughout the country with an approach like no other law firm or collection agency in Mexico.

Litigation strategy 

  • Our litigation strategies and complaint pleadings are always designed and prepared by expert in-house attorneys and of-counsels in our main office in the City of Tijuana, with the approving opinion of our correspondent local attorneys to accommodate to local rules and customs.  
  • When a complaint pleading or formal petition is ready for filing we turn it over to any of our local correspondent attorneys who will help us with this initial task, and with the remaining procedural tasks of litigation. It is our local attorney the one that personally oversees the proceedings at the Courtroom and attends hearings under our Firm’s in-house attorneys daily collaboration and supervision, with full involvement in the case and control overall from our in-house attorneys. This reduces the overall cost of litigation for our clients, and allows them the use of experts on their side for optimum results. 

Litigation fees and costs

  •  Legal collection [litigation] is subject to different terms from out-of-court collection, depending on the nature of each claim. After assessing a particular claim and situation we will provide our opinion and a specific proposal for initiating legal action (suit requirements). Once we have recommended suit and provided suit requirements, we will require a deposit of funds to cover court costs and expenses throughout judicial proceedings. Costs vary for each claim depending on several factors, including the type of proceedings and remedies available, the particular jurisdiction of the debtor, the debtor's financial and legal situation, etc. (For more information on this please see our section on FAQ’srelated to debt collection and litigation, or read our detailed article "Assessing and Reinforcing Litigation in Mexico"). 
  • We provide each client with a monthly statement for all of his accounts, reflecting each cost incurred during the month, and reimbursing at the end any and all funds not used during the proceedings.