Secured Transactions

At HMH Legal, we believe that the spectrum of secured transactions is wide, encompassing all kinds of legal strategies to protect creditors and investors by giving them legal options for redress with an advantage. For a strategy to be successful, you need an experienced team of lawyers that have a proven track record of seeing and dealing with related problem-cases in litigation, which is necessary to achieve a sound due diligence work and develop proven plans to avoid similar problems in the future. In the areas of sales and loans, these professionals need to be aware of and sensible to the credit management function, in order to develop sound policies and procedures that will complement those of the credit manager, and be implemented with ease. With this in mind, HMH Legal casts a unique team of professionals and experts that allows for the best advice and legal services in the area of secured transactions.

Under these circumstances, HMH Legal has been able to assist all kinds of creditors and investors in securing multiple projects and transactions. Whether it’s a direct sale or loan by a foreign exporting company or a commercial lender, or an investment project (franchising, licensing, joint ventures, purchase of business assets or real estate, etc.), our team has the ability to properly assess risk, and implement strategies to give clients a strategic advantage in order to prevent or successfully resolve problems in court.

For more information on all related services, please visit our main section on secured transactions. 

Main Services

  • Credit Sales
  • Loans

Other Services

  • Distribution, franchise, agency
  • Trademark protection
  • Joint ventures, foreign investment
  • Construction liens, performance bonds