Please submit your claims in any of the three following ways:

This forwarding letter (placement form) constitutes a formal instruction from CLIENT to HMH Legal (HMH Legal, S.C.), to perform services for the recovery of the debt specified below, as per the proposed and agreed fees. By filling out and signing this form at the end the CLIENT enters into a services agreement, after having read and understood the terms and conditions below.

Client Information

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* If acting on behalf of creditor as an attorney [law firm] or collection agency please provide your information

Debtor Information

Debtor’s contact name

You can place your claim for collection by downloading and completing our forwarding letter, which specifies the particular claim turned over for collection with the proposed terms and conditions (including fees proposed according to our table). Please send this form along with copies of all your supporting documents for the underlying claim by fax, email, or by special courier (FEDEX, DHL, UPS, etc.) to our address in Mexico.


In the USA: +1 (619) 819-8518

In Mexico: +52 (664) 681-9405