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I have total confidence in HMH Legal, their expertise, and their proven track record of coming through for our firm.

"I selected HMH Legal over other firms because I had prior knowledge of them through industry conferences in the USA over the years, and I felt comfortable reaching out to them. What surprised me the most was how quickly they got a response from the debtor. I was really surprised because our debtor (former client) was blowing me off, refusing to respond to any of our emails or phone calls".
Robert Tyler, Director
Law Offices of Gary A. Bemis, APC
"Their knowledge of Mexican and USA culture is solid and not superfluous. I deal with a lot of people and vendors in Mexico, and they only see things their way. Instead, lawyers at HMH Legal put themselves in our shoes and in the shoes of our debtors and customers, adapting to the necessities of both parties, in the best way.”
Yazmin Yepez, Credit Supervisor
Mitsubishi Electric Automation
"We prefer HMH Legal over other firms because we trust their knowledge and their long-time experience in dealing with companies in Mexico."
Laura Rojas, Regional Credit Manager
Central America, Caribbean, & South America AJC International, Inc.
"Despite a difficult to collect, HMH Legal got our money".
“HMH Legal always made us feel confident that we would get our money back, despite the inefficiencies and complexities of Mexican courts, in addition to an elusive debtor with his team of lawyers trying desperately to avoid paying their debt. HMH Legal delivered at the end, with a full recovery exceeding $800,000 USD.”
Brian McPherson, Credit Manager
Chevron Phillips Chemical Co.