Case Studies

Featured Case Studies of International Companies that we helped with Debt Collection and Debt Prevention in Mexico.

Featured Case Studies

Learn how HMH Legal helps international organizations confidently do business in Mexico through Debt Collection and Secured Transaction Services.

HMH Legal Case Study 1

A $2.7M Litigation Case Study

A lawyer obtained a judgment in California against a Mexican corporation and two individual shareholders. The judgment had ordered the defendants to turn over real estate located in Mexico to the plaintiff, as provided in the underlying loan agreements. Legal action was followed after defendants refused to pay back the loan for $2.7 million USD...

€1,250,000 Secured Transaction and Debt Collection Case Study​

Our client, a credit insurance company, placed two claims for collection with HMH Legal against a debtor company in Mexico. The debt amounted to almost €1’250,000.00 in total...

$1.5M Secured Transaction and Litigation Case Study

Our client, a company servicing the agriculture sector, came to us for help during negotiations with a large customer who had severe cashflow problems and had incur a debt in arrears of around $1.5 million US Dollars...

A $900k Outstanding Debt Collection and Litigation Case Study

Our client had been selling products to the Mexican market, offering trade credit. One of his customers had built around $900,000.00 US Dollars of debt, so the client cut supply and demanded full payment. The customer needed our client’s product, so they negotiated...

Companies/Industries We Serve
Credit insurance
Export Development Banks
Private/Commercial Lenders
Factoring Companies
Collection Agencies
Law Firms
Private Investors
Agro-food Industries
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Credit Managers
Credit Analysts
Special Risk Managemnts
Debt Service Managers
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Real Estate Investors
Insurance Policy Holders
"Despite a difficult to collect, HMH Legal got our money".
“HMH Legal always made us feel confident that we would get our money back, despite the inefficiencies and complexities of Mexican courts, in addition to an elusive debtor with his team of lawyers trying desperately to avoid paying their debt. HMH Legal delivered at the end, with a full recovery exceeding $800,000 USD.”
Chevron Phillips Chemical Co.
Brian McPherson, Credit Manager
Chevron Phillips Chemical Co.
"Their knowledge of Mexican and USA culture is solid and not superfluous. I deal with a lot of people and vendors in Mexico, and they only see things their way. Instead, lawyers at HMH Legal put themselves in our shoes and in the shoes of our debtors and customers, adapting to the necessities of both parties, in the best way.”
Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.
Yazmin Yepez, Credit Supervisor
Mitsubishi Electric Automation

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