Litigation in Mexico

Litigation in Mexico: Assess and Reinforce Claims for Strong Lawsuits

Summary: Are all collection claims candidates for litigation in Mexico? The following article discusses the main factors that creditors should consider before engaging in litigation in Mexico for the recovery of debt. Our findings will also help parties assess litigation of a different nature or in other countries, subject to considerations of such unique cases or from the legal systems in those jurisdictions.

Pagares in Mexico

Pagarés: Rules You Need to Know Now for Valid Promissory Notes in Mexico.

Summary: Creditors who extend credit and loans require reliable and cost-effective security devices to protect them against non-payment. The pagare in Mexico is a convenient tool. Therefore, this article explains: 1) the rules that affect international promissory notes to be enforced in Mexico; 2) the laws that govern pagarés in Mexico; 3) the basic drafting of pagarés in Mexico; and 4) issues to consider before executing pagarés to be enforced in Mexico.